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Financial System Integration

Public sector practices for pre-encumbering and encumbering funds vary widely, but the processes often differ from that of the private sector. Epylon's integration framework enables government organizations to continue performing accounting functions such as budget checking or applying a pre-encumbrance.

Epylon has developed a platform that enables your organization's eProcurement application to seamlessly interface with one or more existing financial systems. This allows your organization to leverage the investment in its existing financial system while enhancing the capabilities with Epylon's offering. Epylon's financial system integration platform is a standards-based, scalable system designed to easily interact and share data with all financial systems.

Critical procurement tasks, such as the following, can easily be done using Epylon's integration framework, your eProcurement application and your existing financial system:

  • Budget checking
  • Pre-encumbrance
  • Assigning of requisition numbers
  • Assigning of purchase order numbers
  • Encumbrance
  • Withdrawal
  • Rollback
  • Receipt
  • Authorization to pay

Using Epylon's integration framework, financial data, such as the following, are seamlessly exchanged between your eProcurement application and financial system:

  • Vendor information
  • Requisition and PO numbers
  • Purchase validations
  • Chart of accounts
  • Accounting codes

Epylon's financial system integration solution enables your state organizations to:

  • Meet current accounting needs and processes
  • Maintain tighter budget controls
  • Comply with local, state and federal regulations without having to purchase or install any new software

Epylon's platform uses standard 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technologies to ensure that your information is protected and secure while in transit.

For more information on how Epylon can enable your organization's eProcurement application to seamlessly interface with one or more existing financial systems, please contact stategov@epylon.com.

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