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Customer Support

Developing the appropriate support infrastructure for an eProcurement implementation is critical for user adoption and success. With a tailored customer service approach, a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, and full operational support under a hosted architecture, Epylon has become an expert at serving public sector purchasing professionals.

Buyer Support
Epylon employs a flexible approach to developing customer service solutions for buying organizations. Epylon performs an independent assessment of the buying organization's purchasing processes, business practices and technology infrastructure. Based on this discovery process and Epylon's existing knowledge base, Epylon formulates the most appropriate solution for the buying organization.

Epylon has become an expert in understanding that buyer processes and supplier processes are extremely different yet thoroughly intertwined. Epylon's certified customer service staff is trained to answer questions regarding product use, site connectivity, site navigation, and product functionality. Product specialists are trained to answer more difficult questions and to resolve issues regarding advanced processes and error messages, and technical specialists resolve issues regarding browsers, operating systems and network connectivity.

Vendor Support
In addition to providing specialized supplier services, Epylon's dedicated account management team works closely with suppliers to ensure the smooth rollout of an eProcurement initiative. Epylon provides vendors with materials to educate them on the eProcurement application, register them on the Epylon Supplier Marketplace, and guide them through the implementation process.

Epylon account managers and help desk representatives leverage their supply chain knowledge and experience to help vendors create an implementation plan that maximizes the opportunity for success, while minimizing resource impacts.

IT Operations
Epylon's Procurement Transformation solutions include full operational support under a hosted system architecture. Epylon has a well-developed hosting operation process because our products were designed to be hosted from the start. Epylon's platform architecture utilizes industry-leading technologies, which provide comprehensive application availability management for both hardware and software resources in clustered server configurations.

Epylon's solutions are both reliable and scalable. With the exception of periodically scheduled maintenance windows during off peak times, the solution is available 24/7/365. Our solution has experienced over 99.5% availability in the past two years primarily due to round-the-clock monitoring, on-call operations support staff, a premier Internet hosting facility, enterprise-class platforms, seamless fail-over systems and a mature change management process. Epylon also incorporates industry security standards including double firewalls and best practices as an integral part of the hosting solution.

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