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The Epylon Supplier Marketplace is an aggregated network of more than 2,000 local and national vendors including Office Depot, HP, Xerox, IBM, Boise Cascade, Wesco, Gateway, IKON, NEC, Lexmark and more. The Epylon Supplier Marketplace is the single largest network of public sector specific vendors. Epylon customers value and encourage vendor participation in the Marketplace because it further simplifies their purchasing process.

The broad product categories within the Epylon Supplier Marketplace include: athletics and recreation, capital and construction, educational and instructional materials, food and food equipment, furniture, library, maintenance and operations, medical, office equipment and supplies, safety and security, services and repair, scientific equipment and supplies, technology, tools and machinery, and transportation.

When engaged for an eProcurement implementation, Epylon works with the public sector organization and its key vendors to engage, motivate and enable the vendors to join the Epylon Supplier Marketplace. Epylon understands the challenges and needs of the suppliers, and has built an entire organization dedicated to supplier services.

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