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Once a buyer has placed an order in Epylon, the fulfillment cycle is only halfway complete. Epylon recognizes that a key benefit of eProcurement to suppliers is electronic order delivery.

Epylon offers electronic ordering solutions to meet the needs of advanced, eCommerce-enabled suppliers as well as small businesses operating on fax and email.

Epylon's electronic order delivery solutions include (in order from simplest to most advanced):

  1. Purchase Order text in Email
    As soon as a buyer issues a purchase order, a notification email is generated and sent to the supplier's sales representative. On Epylon, sales representatives can set a preference in their profile to see the details of an order in the notification email. The representative can also log into Epylon and view the order online.
  2. Purchase Order as Email Attachment
    Suppliers can select a preference for their Epylon account to have a standard cXML document of the purchase order attached to the Email notification. Whether the order information is uploaded into an order entry system or into Excel, the order is stored electronically in the sales representative's Epylon account.
  3. eOrder Integration
    The most seamless electronic order delivery solution feeds Epylon orders directly into the supplier's order entry system. Suppliers get the full benefit of eliminating data entry of purchase orders along with the resulting costs and possibility of keystroke errors. This order integration is accomplished through an XML technology that Epylon provides to suppliers.

For more information on how electronic order delivery options can work for your company or for pricing information, please contact supplierinfo@epylon.com.

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