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For a successful eProcurement initiative, it is imperative that buying agencies have easy access to product and service information from suppliers. Buyers need access to accurate, organized and easily searchable contracts and catalogs.

If your company has contracts that are applicable to the public sector, Epylon can help you gather, prepare and manage the contracts online. Epylon's contract and catalog services are also ideal for suppliers with multiple eProcurement customers.

Data specialists work with you to ensure that the contract or catalog data describing your company's product or service offering is written in a way that allows buyers to easily find the items they need.

Epylon's normalization services standardize all contract and catalog data to ensure consistency across products, product lines and suppliers. The normalization services also identify strange symbols or characters, validate URLs, price check selected contracts, verify length of product descriptions, ensure all required fields are completed, and review unit of measure for applicability.

Epylon further provides data classification and commodity code mapping to ensure that each line item has the correct commodity code which enables buyers to search by commodity code.

The quality of contract and catalog data available to buyers directly impacts the rate of buyer adoption and ultimately the success of the eProcurement initiative. Epylon thoroughly understands these issues and the importance of making it easy for buyers to shop for specific line items off of existing contracts and catalogs.

For more information on how Epylon can help your company load and manage online contract and catalogs, or for pricing information, please contact supplierinfo@epylon.com.

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