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Retriever is a feature of Epylon eProcurement that enables buyers to seamlessly connect from Epylon to a supplier's online catalog. The process is very simple and works like this:

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The buyer logs in and goes to the shop section of Epylon.com, and uses a pull-down menu to select a supplier. The buyer "punches out" to the supplier's website, shops for products on the supplier's site, and hits the "checkout" button once they have a "shopping cart" of line items. (This happens without a second login and additional password to remember!) When the buyer hits the checkout button, an electronic process is triggered that brings the shopping cart of line items back into Epylon. The supplier's website window closes, and the buyer is automatically back in epylon.com. Line items from the supplier website can then be placed into requisitions and/or purchase orders on Epylon for approval and purchase. Once a purchase order is approved, a purchase order is issued electronically to the supplier.

Retriever is ideally suited for suppliers that have products requiring configuration tools, frequently changing product line details, or regularly changing pricing. Buyers have a better user experience with Retriever because they can find the products the want more easily. Suppliers know best how to sell and merchandise their own products, and with Retriever suppliers can control the buying experience. Additionally, Retriever enables suppliers to control the branding and promotional aspects of the buyer's shopping experience.

For information on how to Retriever enable your company's website or for pricing information, please contact supplierinfo@epylon.com.

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